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RockSolid Roofing Inc is a licensed roofer.

We have a qualified individual associated with our license (myself) who has passed
the state of Illinois’ roofing test. We have the state required limits for insurance and bond. And we have the necessary workman’s comp insurance that a licensed roofing company should have. We pull permits on every job – no exceptions! Thats for your benefit and ours!

Some of the things that customers will sometimes ask:

why should I go with a licensed roofer?

Would it be cheaper to go with someone that isn’t licensed so I can avoid a permit?

Here are some of the key reasons why we suggest you never have an unlicensed roofer

repair or install your roof.

1) Only a licensed roofer can have insurance and workman’s comp that covers any worker injuries or damage to your home. Even if you use a licensed contractor that has insurance, that won’t help. Their insurance will not cover any roofing repair or install work unless they are licensed roofers and have roofer’s insurance and roofer’s workman comp (which is much more expensive than general contracting).

2) A homeowner’s insurance policy will NOT cover any injuries or damage to their homes should the homeowner hire an unlicensed roofer to do the job. Most people aren’t aware that their own insurance won’t cover workers that get injured on their property or that do some other damage.

3) should an unlicensed roofer or one of their employees – whether they have contractor insurance or not – get hurt on the job or even aggravate an existing injury like a back, that individual would be able to sue you the homeowner for lost wages and medical costs for however long it takes. The contractor’s insurance won’t cover it nor will your own homeowner’s insurance. Its one of the many exclusions in every policy.

Only a licensed roofer with insurance and workman’s comp for all their employees would prevent the homeowner from being personally liable.

4) More and more villages have become increasingly good at catching people doing work on their homes without a permit. And your neighbors, who likely have been caught in the past, are more than willing to share with the village that you’re having someone put up a roof when there is no permit.

What happens if the village catches someone putting up a roof without a roofing license?
They will stop work immediately and/or require you to wait until you find a licensed roofer and have them pull a permit. They will definitely fine you the homeowner. And lastly, they may even require you to pull off every bit of roofing that the unlicensed roofer put up.

It could very well end up being that you pay for two roofs instead of one.Is the risk really worth it?

5) You have no warranty for either the work or the products. Quality shingles, like the ones we use, come with rather lengthy warranties (30 to 40 years in some cases). That warranty is only valid if you can show a licensed roofer installed them and that you pulled a permit.

Not only do you lose your product warranty. But any warranty an unlicensed roofing contractor might give you is going to be unenforceable. You cannot enforce a written warranty by a contractor if they install a roof and they’re not licensed roofers.It is expected that, at the very least, the homeowner should only hire a licensed roofer and should ensure that a permit is pulled as well.

These unlicensed roofers who are trying to “help” you save a few hundred dollars, know the rules. They know that if they do your roof, you can’t enforce any labor that they do for the simple reason that they aren’t licensed to do roofing in the first place. So you can easily end up getting taken advantage of without a licensed roofer.

There’s a reason why roofing companies need to be licensed and have insurance and have workman’s comp. People get hurt. Things happen. When they do, you do NOT want to be in the unenviable position of having to pay out of your pocket for a worker’s medical bills. You do not want to risk the village shutting you down half way thru a job or, worse still, requiring you to pull everything off that was already paid of. And you definitely want to have both a valid manufacturer warranty and contractor warranty that you have the ability to enforce.

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